Frequently asked questions

How to choose blinds?

Blinds are an integral component of the overall conception for comfort at home and in the office, which is why it is important to be practical when choosing blinds. There is a huge variety of products on the market which differ in the way of application, material, functionality, features. Suppress your impulse to limit your choice only to the color which will match your furniture or to the cheapest product, and the most important thing – consult a specialist. You do not have to know or learn everything about blinds, it is enough to trust proven professionals.

Will the blinds provide full shading?

There are internal and external blinds which allow precise control of light. With them you can limit the access of light without completely stopping it. Such blinds are the slat interior blinds (vertical or venetian), roller Zebra (made of alternating strips of fabric – thick or plain, and by overlapping them you can control the amount of penetrating light) and the external venetian blinds.
Roller blinds with screen fabrics are suitable for shading offices and other rooms which are used during the day. The fabric lets the daylight in so you do not have to spend your day under artificial light – something that besides being unpleasant also increases the costs for electricity and simultaneously stops the annoying glares reflected on the monitor.

Full shading can be achieved with interior textile blinds made of Black Out material (vertical, roller, plisse), aluminum venetian blinds Black Out or exterior blinds – roller or venetian.


How to take measurements?

In order for the blinds and awnings to completely fit and for you to have the opportunity to use all of their functionalities, it is a must to take the right measurements. When in doubt how to measure, we recommend to always contact a specialist who will not only measure correctly but will also direct you to the most suitable product for your room and will give you additional information. For more details see the following link:

How to clean the blinds or the awning?

The fundamental question that each of us asks themselves when buying blinds or curtains is how to maintain them clean afterwards. Different types of blinds are cleaned in different ways according to the materials they are made of.
Venetian blinds are cleaned with soft brush. It goes between the slats of the blinds and removes the accumulated dust. Vertical blinds can be washed with soft brush, only with water and no added detergent because textile slats have a special craftsmanship, which can be damaged by the use of detergent. Plisse shades are made of special fabrics which do not retain dust and dirt. If you still want to freshen up the look of plisse shades you can clean them with a soft brush. Roman shades are extremely easy to maintain. The fabric is easily removed because it is attached with a sticker, it should be washed at 30o, it should be ironed and then attached back to the mechanism.
Each one of us wants its awning to look clean and fresh. By buying the fabrics of PARA which KAMAX offers, you can maintain your awning clean without much effort. The fabrics of the Italian firm PARA possess plenty of features such as Teflon coating and Sanitized function, they can clean themselves or it is enough to pour some water over them to make them shine again. The fabric is made in a way that does not let it retain humidity and create mold.

How to find a distributor in my region or city?

You can always turn to the distributors of KAMAX. You will receive information and competent opinion from them that will help you  for the order of a sunscreen product. You can easily find our distributors in the section “Where to buy”, choosing the city or region where you live.

Who can I contact if there is a problem with my blinds or awning and they are still in warranty?

When you have made an order with a distributor of Kamax, it is recommended to contact them. Our distributors will quickly and easily react to the problem and with our assistance you will receive a repaired or new product as soon as possible. If the order has been made directly at Kamax, you can contact us via the national phone numbers as well where an employee from “Customer service” will direct you to the correct person or will take the necessary actions for removing the problem.

Visual comfort and thermal insulation? Will I achieve it?

There are both exterior and interior blinds on the market which have wonderful thermal insulation features. Undisputed leaders with this characteristic are plisse shades and aluminum exterior roller blinds.
Plisse & Duette® shades made of Duette® and Duette® Fixe fabrics have the best thermal insulation features of all materials for internal shading, the ones with pearl and aluminum coating reflect the UV rays and in this way they do not allow overheating.
Exterior roller blinds are made entirely of aluminum components and aluminum slats of polyurethane foam which is why they are a thermal insulator – in summer they stop the heat before entering the room, and in winter – they retain the heat inside.

I want to combine blinds with curtains. Is that possible?

Impression for sophistication, practicality and modernity can be achieved with both curtains and interior or exterior blinds
Different types of blinds have lately become more preferable for shading rooms not only because they are modern but also because they have qualities which will help us improve the energy efficiency of our home.
Blinds have become popular in the 20th century and have not lost their strong positions ever since in the competition with their “rivals”, the curtains, because they look alike and have similar features. Of course they have different ways of operation and maintenance.
In the home of people who suffer from asthma or allergies it is impossible to install lavish curtains or blinds which retain dust and are difficult to clean so light curtains are recommended because they can be easily removed and maintained clean without problems.
For bedrooms we recommend blinds which can ensure full shading even during the day so people can enjoy their sleep at any time of the day.
Combination of blinds and curtains is also a wonderful solution because this way you can achieve original interior and you can take advantage of the qualities of both the blinds and the curtains.

Which are the most suitable blinds for bathrooms?

When making a decision which blinds are most suitable for your bathroom, the first thing you need to consider is the possibility to wet the blinds or to be exposed to the influence of a significant amount of humidity.
If so, the most suitable choice would be the vinyl or PVC roller blinds which are perfect if you want to achieve a stylish and decent look of the bathroom window. If you need a bit more control of light during the day you can also take a look at the waterproof vertical blinds. What is important for these two types of blinds is that they are not only waterproof but also help saving electricity.
For bathrooms where the blinds are not close to the bath or shower and when there is no danger for them to get wet or to be exposed to humidity, you have much bigger choice.
Luxurious Roman shades are a wonderful choice if you are looking for more pomposity. Their beautiful soft creases and classic design bring opulent and fabulous look to every window. Roman shades are not recommended for bathrooms with humidity in the air so they are only recommended for bathrooms which are really big or well ventilated and the blinds will be far away from the bath or the shower.