Wooden venetian blinds

Classic look that never gets old…

Wooden venetian blinds are the luxurious alternative to the classic venetian blinds. They bring the natural beauty and warmth of the wood in your home and office. They are always a wonderful addition to your home and interior and create an incredible atmosphere with their original and stylish charm. Quality of the materials as well as shades of the wood always complement the harmony and piece of your home and office. Precisely crafted from original, hard palm wood, wooden blinds always stand out with high resistance, easy maintenance and minimal absorption of warmth. The material is carefully polished, tinted with several layers of lacquer coating, and for that reason the shades of the slats may vary. This model of blinds is heavier because of the natural origin of the materials.

A wonderful complement to your home and interior…

Wooden blinds are preferred by people with high demands for beauty and style due to their elegance and quality. We offer two models of wooden venetian blinds, with 25mm and 50mm wide slats, and a choice between soft, pastel shades of natural wood. The upper rail is hidden by wooden cornice and all visible parts are completely matched regarding colors to perfectly fit your interior. If you want to give your home the spirit of the 30s of the 20th century you can choose an operating system “Retro” for 50mm wooden blinds. This is a romantic whiff to the past, combined with modern, state-of-the-art touch. Wooden venetian blinds are easily installed to the wall and the ceiling, and are operated manually or through an electric motor.

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