Insect screens

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Insect screens are a universal tool for protection against insects, especially during the summer. Nowadays they have become a compulsory part of the doors and windows in any types of rooms. They guarantee peace of mind during hot days. Insect screens are of great significance for achieving comfort in every home. They are made of aluminum alloys and a fiberglass screen, fixed at the intersections of the threads for greater strength.

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Screens are resistant to climate conditions. They keep the insects outside without reducing visibility or light. Quality insect screens are distinguishable with a few characteristics: durable and resistant frames made of high quality materials, easy maintenance, installation and dismantlement, variety of colors for the profiles, a fiberglass screen and dense coating. We offer 5 fundamental types of insect screens: insect screen with hinges, fixed insect screen, roller insect screens, door insect screens and plisse insect screens.

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