Plisse insect screens


Plisse insect screens

Provide yourself with peace of mind in hot nights…

One of the last additions to the product range of Kamax, plisse insect screens, is a real innovation which guarantees high quality. They are extremely resistant and attractive. Plisse insect screens offer innovative and functional solution for covering both windows and doors and are extremely suitable for covering large apertures and simultaneously protecting your home from unwanted insects.
Plisse insect screens are the perfect solution for exits of balconies and terraces, because the bottom profile is 15mm high at most and therefore there are no obstacles for you to trip over.

Price* 193 leva/piece

*The price shown is for an insect screen with dimensions 100/140, white color

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36 months


They are a modern alternative of the traditional sliding screens or door screens, offering many more advantages than those traditional screens. They are made of high quality aluminum profiles, which guarantees stability and durability, excellent functionality and longevity, quality plisse screens and a collection of high quality cords, which stretch the screen so that it preserves its shape. They are also resistant to any climate conditions. Operation is automatic and when you open or close the screen it can be stopped at any position without automatic going-back to the initial position and in this way it gives freedom to the client.

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Aluminum profile 20x40 white / brown image

Aluminum profile 20x40 white / brown

(for exported installation)

8,90 lv. / l.m.
Aluminum profile 20x40, color woodprint image

Aluminum profile 20x40, color woodprint

(for exported installation)

11,90 lv. / m

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* Note: Prices are for blinds produced in standard color combination of Kamax Ltd. Blinds with area less than 0.5 m² are valued at 0.5 m². The price is without installation, additional delivery amounts are charged, and so on.