Aluminum venetian blinds

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Venetian or the so called “aluminum horizontal” blinds are the most common and preferred product for interior shading. They offer style and control over light and visibility at affordable prices. Venetian blinds are easy to use and maintain, they are offered in a variety of colors and designs and this makes them suitable to protect both your home and office from sunlight. With this model venetian blinds you can create nice atmosphere and protect yourself from prying eyes. They are practical and complement the interior in every room.

Comfort and quality at affordable prices…

Venetian blinds are installed to the joinery without influencing the insulation effect. They are made of aluminum slats, 16mm or 25mm wide, with color lacquer coating, which does not fade, and high quality control mechanisms. The precise craftsmanship and high quality materials guarantee long-lasting use of this type of blinds. Aluminum venetian blinds are extremely common and have a wide range of applications due to their practicality. Venetian blinds are a solution for every home because they are practical and easy to maintain.

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