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"KAMAX Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of sunscreen products. The overall philosophy and concept of the company is based on several basic principles. One of these principles is maintaining high quality products, services and service.We believe the combination of quality product and excellent service is the path to success. The team of professionals is the most valuable resource of the company and it is what makes us special and gives us the opportunity to work fast and effective.

In 2015 KAMAX started working on a new long-term project – PROGRAM “20 KEYS”, concentrated on the overall improvement of the operative efficiency and quality of work in our company. The project will be executed with the assistance of the leading consultancy firm in Bulgaria Next Consult.
The program is based on the Japanese methodology “20 keys”, which during the last three decades has been integrated in over 700 different in size companies around the world. This is the overall system which covers the main areas and aspects in the activities of the company and defines practices for achieving world degree of the following main targets:

  • to work BETTER
  • to be FASTER

Working place loaded with positive energy – safer working conditions, more order in the working place, more trained and educated employees.
We decided to integrate the Program “20 keys” because we believe it is the instrument which will help us to execute our strategic purposes in the next few years and to become even more successful company on the Bulgarian and international market.

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Our construction department is available to our clients in regard to technical consultation or training. We are always available for professional advice and help. We pledge on the new ideas and conceptions. We aim to offer to our clients the best possible and newest practices for automation of their home.

We test our products and our main priorities regarding quality are comfort, safety, functionality and durability of our products. With a wide choice of fabrics and designs, KAMAX offers to its clients integral solutions to attach completeness and sophisticated look to your home. We can satisfy the wishes of all our customers for comfort, energy efficiency and long life of manufactured products.

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By choosing KAMAX you make the best possible decision to protect your home from sun glares and prying eyes. We aim to guarantee our clients quality and comfort at affordable prices. This also guarantees you proper settings and functionality of the blinds or awnings.
To guarantee our clients the best possible product, we work with reputable firms in the industry who are suppliers of components for production of blinds such as Hunter Douglas (Netherlands), Somfy (France), PARÀ® (Italy), Louvolite® (UK), Stin® (Czech Republic) and others.