Electric curtain track system Glydea™


Electric curtain track system Glydea™ is a result from years of professional experience and constant improvement. This solution offers an excellent consumer experience as well as a wide range of functions. It is an example of the innovative spirit of Somfy and its constant strive for better quality. Electric curtain track systems stand out at every home. They can transform any space into a modern and chic alternative. Glydea™ extends the life of the curtains by preventing any damage caused by unequal tension of manual control. Designed for high-end housing, conference rooms and commercial buildings, the electric curtain track system Glydea™ offers a convenient solution for reducing sunlight and inviolability of personal life, protecting interiors from damaging UV light and at the same time reduces the cost of electricity. Electric curtain track systems are preferred by people with high demands for beauty and style because of their elegance and quality.


Electric curtain track system Glydea™ is compatible with three types of curtains – pinch pleat, RippleFold® and Accordia®. Moreover, the track system is designed to adapt easily to different control technologies, including infrared dry contact, Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), RS485, Z-Wave® and ZigBee®. Motor design and the use of highest quality belts and guides provide a low level of noise (<44 db (A)). 10-meter curtain track system holds the weight of the curtain – up to 60kg. As with all Somfy products, electric curtain track system Glydea™ has 5 years warranty. Glydea™ comes together with a cable which is connected directly to the socket, which removes the need for additional cables. As an extra you can get the function “One touch” which allows you to activate or stop the curtain by just pulling it. Electric curtain track system Glydea™ is designed for 15 years functionality.

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