Create your comfort outdoor…

Need shading to protect your terrace or playground from the sun and climate conditions, or to create a new place in the front of your home where you can read with delight? Our foldable awnings are the right choice! The variety of fabrics can guarantee harmonious combination of all parts of the front view of your home, exterior or interior. Quality materials and professional craftsmanship can guarantee long period of exploitation. With the new collection of PARA "TEMPOTEST" Kamax promises its clients quality without compromise.

Awnings from the new generation…

Kamax offers standard as well as highly technological shading. Operated and controlled by the automation of Somfy IO and RTS motors, our awnings guarantee the right balance between light and heat. Keeping up with the newest technologies on the market, Kamax offers the option of controlling your awnings and pergolas directly from your smartphone. Add CONEXOON or TAHOMA and simulate presence in your home even when you are on holiday so you can increase the security of your home!

Ensure your peace of mind and protect your home from over-heating with the awnings of Kamax!

Visit our blog page to learn how to install the awning on a façade with insulation!

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