Exterior roller shutters

Protect your home from sun glares…

Kamax offers 10 models of exterior roller shutters in 9 colors plus the option of painting in a RAL color. Exterior roller shutters are functional and reliable systems for sunscreen protection. They ensure thermal and noise insulation which is why they are much more than just a shading tool. These blinds are installed on the outside of the window and in this way they guarantee quality insulation from the outside temperature. Exterior shutters give a stylish look to the building.

Ensure safety with your “smart home”…

Exterior roller shutters are resistant to extreme outside temperatures, humidity and wind. They help reducing the cost of electricity – in winter you save from heating, and in summer – from cooling. Motorize your exterior shutters with the automation of Somfy with IO or RTS motor and ensure your comfort and peace. With the technology of Somfy IO Home Control you can create a movement scenario and simulate presence – this will increase the safety of your home!

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