External venetian blinds

Innovative system for external shading…

Innovative system for external shading which regulates the flow of light and heat. When you change the angle of the slats of the external venetian blinds you can regulate the degree of illumination in the rooms and restrict the access of unwanted sun glares without necessarily shading them. The excellent balance between shading and penetration of daylight, thermal insulation features, and the nice vision make them an irreplaceable component of the conception for energy efficiency of modern office, commercial, residential, industry, and administrative buildings. External venetian blinds are installed on the outside of the window and represent a steady construction of high quality slats with thermal insulation qualities. By changing the angle of the slats, you can achieve full shading and privacy in the rooms as well as penetration of light to some degree.

Opportunity for comfort and style in one…

External venetian blinds are designed for windows of private homes as well as for factories, shops, warehouses, manufacturing buildings, etc. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but also extremely durable and resistant to climate changes. External venetian blinds are made of materials which do not change their colors and qualities and do not deform because of wind, heat or cold. Their reflective qualities help to repel the damaging UV light and to secure optimal conditions for rest or work in the room where they are mounted. Choosing our models of external venetian blinds, you not only successfully manage to eliminate damaging sun glares and to secure excellent shading, but also ensure an extremely good insulation on the inside of the rooms.

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