Somfy Glydea™ One-way opening


Somfy Glydea™ One-way opening

Glydea™, the difference is in the details…

Electric curtains Glydea™ stand out with elegant strips of the cornice and the engine, and unsurpassed functionality. Glydea™ improves the image of the room and offers quick solution for installation and control. Glydea™ increases the level of comfort for hosts and guests above their initial expectations.

Price* 1143 leva/piece

*The price shown is for track system 220cm

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36 months


The automatic functions of Glydea™ ensure reduced costs of energy and more safety (simulating presence). Glydea™ extends the life of curtains by preventing damage caused by manual control.

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el. motors
remote controls
smart home

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Code: Ultra 60e
129,00 lv.
RTS control module image

RTS control module

Receiver for remote control

RTS - Radio Technology Somfy

129,00 lv. / cornice
Remote control Somfy with 2 channels image

Remote control Somfy with 2 channels

Code: 184 10 26

Functions: open, close, stop
It cannot program borders of a motor

32,00 lv. / рс
Remote control Somfy Telis 16 RTS Pure with 16 separate channels image

Remote control Somfy Telis 16 RTS Pure with 16 separate channels

Code: 181 10 20

Functions: open, close, stop, favourite position

299,00 lv. / рс
TaHoma® PRO smart home image

TaHoma® PRO smart home

Code: 187 05 94

Device for control through a smartphone and internet of all kinds of blinds and awnings, operated with iO or RTS motors.

311,20 lv. /pc.
Cornice bend  image

Cornice bend

For angle 45 ot 90 degrees. 

215,00 lv. / cornice
UPS 1000 VA image

UPS 1000 VA

Code: UPS 1000

Functions: allows the electronics to keep working without electricity (up to 8 times opening/closing or up to 1 h without electricity).

269,00 lv. / рс

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* Note: Prices are for blinds produced in standard color combination of Kamax Ltd. Blinds with area less than 0.5 m² are valued at 0.5 m². The price is without installation, additional delivery amounts are charged, and so on.