Aluminum venetian blinds Maxi

Up-to-date with modern times…

Kamax offers to you a new generation of venetian blinds, developed specifically for aluminum, PVC and wooden joinery. The aluminum profile sticks tightly to the joinery, the aluminum slats are positioned maximally close to the glass package. They have extremely effective sunscreen qualities and elegant and steady appearance. Control can be placed at the side which is more convenient for you. Special control mechanism makes changing the angle of the slats extremely easy and this way it changes the direction of the sunlight flow.

The advantage of the venetian blinds Maxi…

The main advantage of the venetian blinds Maxi is the easy use and wide range of colors both for the slats and the installing aluminum track. Aluminum blinds are a combination of reliability, practicality, longevity. They protect perfectly your rooms, or the opposite – they will help you to fill them with sunlight. These blinds are suitable for angled windows as well. Model Maxi can be produced in three options: Maxi Standard, Maxi Lux and Maxi Black Out. Create an atmosphere of delightful and comfortable life with quality venetian blinds.

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