How to take mesurments

General instructions on taking measurements:

Taking measurements for blinds is much easier than a lot of people think. You just have to follow several rules:

   1.Use metal roulette (not wooden or tape measures)!
   2. Measure with accuracy to millimeter – do not round up your dimensions.
   3. Carefully mark what is width and what is height. A very common mistake is changing their values.
   4. We will shape the blinds exactly according to your dimensions and if they are wrong it is very unlikely that the blinds can be repaired. So take time and double check your dimensions. If there are any problems you can always consult with us.


Keep in mind that with most joineries the glass holders have different shapes (rounded, beveled and others) which can increase the aperture between the joinery and the blinds and there will not be maximal overlap.


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