Plisse & Duette® Shades

Filter sunlight gently and with style…

Elegant, modern, beautiful - Plisse & Duette® shades are a luxurious option for interior shading. Also referred to as “accordion” blinds (because of the way the fabric is folded), they are extremely suitable for windows with nonstandard shapes – triangles, arches, polygonal, trapezoidal, angled windows, dormers, and those with unusual shapes which are plenty in the modern architecture. Collections of fabrics for Plisse & Duette® shades are high quality and are made of materials which do not retain dust and dirt. They are resistant to the toxic influence of sun glares. Duette® & Duette® Fixe fabrics have the best insulating features of any materials for interior shading.

Provide yourself with the luxury you deserve…

We offer to our clients three different collections of fabrics which they can choose from: Plisse, Duette® and Duette® Fixe with white, brown and grey colors of the profiles. Plisse shades are elegant and impressive solution for your home or office. The models of plisse shades on offer have two options: free - hanging blind for vertical windows, and blind with tension cords for windows with tilt from 0o to 15o . Elegant design that brings warmth and coziness in every modern home. They are suitable for all types of joinery, showcases and partition walls. Kamax has a solution for every client. With the frame Perfect fit you can install the blind without drilling the joinery.
Plisse & Duette® shades can be operated manually as well as with an electric motor from Somfy.

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