Plisse & Duette® shades model BB 40


Plisse & Duette® shades model BB 40

Filter sunlight gently and with style…

Plisse & Duette® shades model BB 40 is with tension cords and is designed for vertical windows as well as for windows with up to 15o angle with trapezoidal shape. It is controlled with a handle and have one static and two moveable profiles.
We offer to you a wide range of materials and colors, from semi-transparent to 100% shading Black Out. You can choose from 3 different shapes of fabrics: Plisse, Duette® and Duette® Fixe, and 4 colors of profiles and equipment – white (RAL 9003), brown (RAL 7013), grey (RAL 9006) and anthracite (RAL 7016).

Price* 169.40 leva/piece

*The price shown is for blinds with dimensions 50/125cm with fabric Crepe FR and white components

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36 months


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* Note: Prices are for blinds produced in standard color combination of Kamax Ltd. Blinds with area less than 0.5 m² are valued at 0.5 m². The price is without installation, additional delivery amounts are charged, and so on.